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Healing Heart Counseling offers access to licensed, trained and experienced therapists. All of Healing Heart Counseling therapists have a Masters Degree in their field. They have been qualified and certified by their state professional board after successfully completing the necessary education ,exams, training and practice. 

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Sara Williams LCSW (Virginia and Florida)

Hello, my name is Sara Williams In 2011 I moved to Virginia and continued working as a behavior therapist with Universal Health Systems (UHS In 2012 she earned her Masters degree in social work and started her supervision to become Licensed. In 2015 she earned her License in Clinical Social Work and was asked to start as the clinical director for all mental health community based services in Virginia for UHS. There she added 3 more programs, outpatient therapy, crisis intervention and crisis stabilization. 
In 2017 she was recruited by another facility in UHS. Newport News Behavioral Health, a residential for youth with mental health disorders. In 2018 she was selected for the COO program and became the COO of Newport News Behavioral Health. In 2019 Ms. Williams started working with substance abuse and addiction until she obtained a therapist position at Sunrise Counseling. Currently Ms. Williams is the Founder Co-Owner of Healing Heart Counseling LLC.

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